More muscular tatted men in cute dresses 2014 thank you

He looks like Blossom and I’m SOOOOOO fucking here for it. 😍😍😍


it’s the last night of being home alone and sitting around the house in my dresses

have some terrible selfies

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My second dress, I love it!

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Each any every one of you guys look fucking amazing! Obviously nobody needs my approval, just had to drop in and say I hope you all just keep doing you!

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Shout-out to everyone we’ve featured!

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"the witch is back" ++

- the method male 

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important question do u kno where to find pics of dudes in pvc dresses because i am trying my hardest and the internet is not being friendly and i am so lost as to where to look for this thing that MUST exist

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I personally don’t know, but maybe some of our followers can help? This is something I’d like to see too! 

- Mod T

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Hi all!

I’m on my way to work dressed in a denim dress on a ordinary Wednesday.

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Me summer 2013!

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I would just like to make it clear we do not take NSFW submissions on this blog. It makes both mods uncomfortable and isn’t what this blog is for.

NSFW submissions include:

  • Obvious porn, e.g. Sexual activity in the picture
  • Flashing of underwear or risque poses
  • Anything with weird captions under it implying sexual activity

We love getting submissions from you guys - they’re what keeps this blog going! But the NSFW submissions need to stop.

Thank you (I know this applies to a very small minority),

Mod E

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